A sustainable future

At Air Labels we believe in taking care of the environment. Just like you wouldn’t leave your rubbish on the ground you can’t leave several tonnes of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Therefore we make sure that all our activities are covered by our carbon offsetting program.

The choice of how, and with whom, we do our carbon offsetting has been taken very seriously. We have spoken with several experts in the Swedish Environmental Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, SMHI, etc. We spoke with several different companies offering services in the area before making a decision.

We will continue evaluating the best way to cover our environmental tracks but for now we cooperate with VI-skogen. They specialize in methods of offset that cover both environmental, social and economical issues.

When you buy labels from us you can count on the labels having been produced in a sound way, both to the environment and to the people handling the labels and the related products.