With our revolutionary systems, buying labels is easy. We know all about labels and are putting our knowledge into simplifying the purchasing process. All the tools on our website are completely new and developed only for the label market. You can compare your standing orders with the best in the business or create new inquiries with our tools. Take a look at the guided or advanced inquiries and get an immediate pricing.


Thanks to our network of producers in northern Europe we can select the perfect match for each label order.
We are never limited to one supplier regarding production techniques, capacity or experience.
If the factory producing one of your orders were to encounter any disturbances, you wouldn’t even notice. We would switch the producer immediately with no costs or drama.

The Air Labels advantage

Uniquely user-friendly tools, transparent follow-ups and easy management of orders and accounts are all part of daily life with Air Labels.

We offer full service in English and Swedish via the webpage, chat, email, phone or video-meeting. If you want a physical meeting we will gladly set it up, but it will, in all likelihood, not be needed.

We care about sustainability and make sure we are completely carbon-neutral.

We are never limited to one factory or heavily invested in a new machine or technique. Our only goal is getting you the highest quality labels at the most competitive price.